Helping COSMO CONSULT making their customers the winners of digital transformation

Last year, the successful global Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner COSMO CONSULT changed her Go-to-Market model. In line with Microsoft’s move to an intelligent cloud platform, the company added a new role to her sales organization: the Customer Success Manager.

While this is a pretty popular title these days, COSMO CONSULT has a crystal clear plan for this role. The company wants here CSM’s to switch from selling licenses and services towards making their customers winners of digital transformation.

And yes, that is a substantial change! :)

The main goals of this ambitious training and coaching program

  1. Moving from product selling to a platform approach
  2. Learn to become a true sparring partner at C-level
  3. Supporting customers in their transformation processes
Over the past few months, I have been contributing to the second edition of this comprehensive program. As a trainer, coach, sparring partner and inspirator. The 10 participants in this wave represented COSMO offices in Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary and Spain.

The main topics of the workshops I’ve delivered

  • What is business transformation for C-level?
  • How to best understand your customer?  
  • How to define customer success at C-level?
  • This is how you think and act Outside-In!
  • This is how you build trust at C-level
  • Effective communication skills for impactful C-level conversations
  • How to grow from a seller to an Industry Networked Consultant?
  • How to create attractive C-level blogs, vlogs and presentations?
The workshops included lots of learnings, good discussions, challenging exercises and many new insights. And fortunately, we had some fun as well! ;-9

What some of the attendees said about my contribution

  • “Thank you very much for your inspiring and enthusiastic workshops, Guus”
  • “This program is a complete way to understand profitable and long lasting business relations in our industry”
  • “Every sales professional should attend these workshops to understand how to advise the customer end-to-end”
  • “Interesting, eye opening, great and very helpful for the CSM business!”
  • “Thanks for inspiration and encouragement, Guus! I feel well prepared to reach the next sales-level”
Now that this program is completed, I’m really looking forward to see this second group of CSM pro’s excel in their new roles!

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