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Content Subscription - the articles of January 2021

The world of business applications is changing faster then ever before. So there’s a lot of topics for Dynamics 365 partners to communicate with their current and potential customers.

Especially in these weird crisis days without any trade fairs and the possibility to visit customers, the effectiveness of your website and newsletters is more important than ever before.

That’s why a fast growing number of leading Dynamics 365 partners from all over the world choose to subscribe to our Content-as-a-Service offering.

For your information, these are the titles of the four articles that we’ve delivered in the month of January including the first paragraph.

Project Success - Before you start – always define what Project Success looks like!

ERP-/CRM-projectstypically evoke many emotions. And that is logical. After all, many people are involved in these projects, the investments are substantial, the interests are great and choices, once made, cannot be easily changed. In addition to that, you have the task to communicate very accurate on your project goals. To your staff of course, but also to your potential vendors. How else can they understand where you want to go with your project?

Project Success - This is why you should consider moving from a stand-alone ERP/CRM system to a platform approach

Traditionally, the IT function in organizations is composed of multiple solutions. They are more or less separated and each one covers specific business processes and delivers specific functionality. That works great when your employees only use one of these sub-systems. But reality is that your staff must work with many of these solutions on a daily basis. Not to mention the problems your customers experience due to this multitude of systems. How to solve this challenge?

Microsoft and D365 - This is how you benefit from Microsoft’s large partner eco-system

Microsoft is a truly partner driven organization. For the sales, the implementation and the support of her Dynamics 365 business applications, the company relies on her extensive network of partners. Have you ever wondered how you can benefit from this ‘partner eco-system’? Time for some clarity.

Microsoft and D365 - Microsoft wants to make Dynamics 365 Business Central the best ERP system of the world for SMB companies

It took Microsoft some time to formulate what it wants in the fast growing market of ERP and CRM solutions for Small and Medium Businesses worldwide. With the move to the cloud and the creation of the Dynamics 365 platform, the company recently defined her new ambitions. One of the outcomes is that Microsoft wants to make Dynamics 365 Business Central the best ERP system of the world for SMB companies.

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Guus Krabbenborg


01 February 2021

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