Interested in a higher project success rate?

Guus Krabbenborg

February 15, 2021

Educating your customers' management is key to a serious increase of your project success rate! After all, the vast majority of your customers and prospects are beginners when it comes to understanding the path to achieving Project Success. Including their own roles and responsibilities.

Of course you talk to the management! And sometimes you even show them your solutions. But what do you do to really engage and involve them in achieving Project Success? So that they are prepared for the important decisions they have to make. The tasks they have to fulfill. And the exemplary function they have in the internal change process.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners yet who help prepare their customers' management in a structured way. So why not consider to add a business transformation masterclass as the mandatory first step of your implementation methodology?

After all, most of these senior managers are still juniors in running successful projects!

Want to make a start doing that (better)? Check here to see how I can helpx. And check also the agendas of these Masterclasses.

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