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January 2023

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft invests heavily in Artificial Intelligence tool ChatGPT
Microsoft/D365 - This is how Microsoft plans to use AI in her solutions shortly
Project Success - What we all can learn from Southwest Airlines business software disaster
Project Success - Why continuity is a crucial selection benchmark for long-term success

December 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft looks back on a great business year 2022
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft allows organisations to store D365 data in Europe only
Project Success - What is your ideal timeline for ERP cloud migration?
Project Success - How complex is your next ERP implementation or cloud migration?

November 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 number 1 in top-10 of best ERP systems globally
Microsoft/D365 - Dynamics 365 Business Central is taking firm steps towards market leadership
Project Success - What the ideal profile of your ERP project leader looks like
Project Success - 10 smart questions to measure the continuity outlook of your ERP vendors

October 2022

Microsoft/D365 - The Dynamics 365 Business Central partner eco-system thrives!
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft launches read-only Teams access to Dynamics 365 Business Central
Project Success - Is ERP-software a cost item or an investment for you?
Project Success - Looking for ERP project success? Create clarity about your selection criteria

September 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft motivates Dynamics NAV customers to prepare for a switch. What does your plan look like?
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft undisputed frontrunner in R&D investments. What does that mean to you?
Project Success - Successful ERP/CRM migration to the cloud – always start at the market side!
Project Success - Striving for project success? Consider time as your worst enemy!

July 2022

Microsoft/D365 - This is why Microsoft is a great IT vendor for you!
Microsoft/D365 - This is what makes Microsoft a great provider of business applications
Project Success - Your move to a new system – how high do you set the bar?
Project Success - Striving for project success – how do you organise resistance?

June 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft records good 2022 Q4 results despite market uncertainty
Microsoft/D365 - Dynamics 365 and Teams help you support a hybrid work environment
Project Success - How effective is the project scope of your ERP/CRM project?
Project Success - Striving for ERP/CRM success? Wanted: Management!

May 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft announces Viva Sales, a new CRM companion
Microsoft/D365 - This is how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you get rid of your IT patchwork
Project Success - Looking for a new software solution? Shorten your shortlist!
Project Success - As a customer – are you prepared for Project Success?

April 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Dynamics 365 BC now available in 91 localized versions all over the world
Microsoft/D365 - This is why you should learn more about Microsoft Power Apps!
Project Success - Implementing new business software? Better short than discount!
Project Success - Do you have a real project sponsor or just a SPINO?

March 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Dynamics 365 Business Central’s future looks bright!
Microsoft/D365 - Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to grow rapidly
Project Success - Comparing ERP/CRM solutions - who is fooling who?
Project Success - The single biggest mistake you can make in your digital transformation process

Februari 2022

Microsoft/D365 - This is how you compare generic linking with Microsoft’s full integration
Microsoft/D365 - This is why Microsoft Azure forms the foundation for your cloud success
Project Success - Why the right name for your next project can be crucial for project success
Project Success - Software selection - are you asking the right questions?

January 2022

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft continues to show strong financial results
Microsoft/D365 - Why a choice for Microsoft is a choice for continuous innovation
Project Success - Beware of the dangers of amnesia in software selection processes!
Project Success - Your next software implementation - create clarity about who does what

December 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft looks back on a great business year 2021
Microsoft/D365 - 2021 Was the break-through year for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Project Success - Integral use of your ERP/CRM solution calls for balls!
Project Success - Successful ERP/CRM projects and reverse learning curves

November 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Making Business Central implementations both faster, easier and cheaper
Microsoft/D365 - How Microsoft quietly climbed back to the top of the tech industry
Project Success - Why a professional kick-off is crucial for project success
Project Success - Stop buying licenses and services – start buying project success!

October 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to grow very fast
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft is well on its way to making Dynamics 365 BC available worldwide
Project Success - Looking for project success? Use the MoSCoW methodology
Project Success - On the way to your new ERP/CRM solution - do you know your critical path?

September 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft continues to deliver strong financial results and is now the world's most valuable company
Microsoft/D365 - The worldwide Dynamics 365 Business Central community thrives!
Project Success - An implementation dilemma - using customisations as a lubricant?
Project Success - The wish list for your new software solution: less is more and simple is better

August 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft's vision: the end of the separated front-office and back-office
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft's vision: "we want Business Central to be seamless and delightful"
Project Success - Software implementation is open heart surgery. Are you prepared?
Project Success - A new software solution - when will you go live successfully?

July 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft to quadruple cybersecurity investments, spending $20B over five years
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft Q4 2021 financial results: cloud revenue up and Dynamics 365 growth accelerates
Project Success - Burning platform; how long can you continue to use your current ERP or CRM solution?
Project Success - The road to Project Success - this is how you prevent budget overruns

June 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft AppSource - the road to IKEA-like implementations
Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 named an ERP leader by Nucleus Research
Project Success - Do you understand the dangers of joyriding with business software?
Project Success - Achieving project success - are you preparing yourself properly?

May 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft cloud strength fuels third quarter financial results
Microsoft/D365 - This is how Microsoft continuously improves her Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud ERP solution
Project Success - Fast, Cheap and Good – The devil’s triangle of a successful project?
Project Success - This is how you lay the foundation for project success in the preparation phase

April 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Dynamics 365 Business Central is the fastest growing cloud ERP solution!
Microsoft/D365 - Is Microsoft the right partner for your long-term IT strategy?
Project Success - Big bang or baby steps - what is the most effective project approach?
Project Success - Applicant makes choice of new employer partly based on the quality of your IT system

March 2021

Microsoft/D365 – Microsoft’s Mike Morton: “We’re committed to continue the ongoing support on Dynamics NAV”
Microsoft/D365 - Where is your ERP or CRM Data safest?
Project Success - What is the cost of using outdated business software?
Project Success - Why digital transformation calls for more than just technology

February 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft cloud strength drives second quarter financial results
Microsoft/D365 - Why it is important to select a ERP/CRM vendor with an international offering
Project Success - Does your CRM/ERP- solution function as a rearview mirror or more like a periscope?
Project Success - How well is your current ERP/CRM vendor weathering the crisis?

January 2021

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft's ambition: "Making D365 BC the best ERP-system in the world for SMB-companies"
Microsoft/D365 - This is how you benefit from Microsoft’s large partner eco-system
Project Success - Why you should consider switching from stand-alone CRM/ERP solutions to a platform approach
Project Success - Before you start – always define what project success looks like!

December 2020

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 grows three times faster than the market!
Microsoft/D365 - Looking for long-term ERP/CRM-success? This is why a product roadmap is crucial in your selection process
Project Success - 5 Valuable lessons from the Berlin airport project
Project Success - Your Christmas card campaign reflects the quality of your CRM/ERP-integration!

November 2020

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft cloud strength fuels first quarter financial results
Microsoft/D365 - An impressive 250 percent growth for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!
Project Success - Business software and golden parachutes – time for some action?
Project Success - Is digital transformation for sale?

October 2020

Microsoft/D365 - Microsoft reports good financial results in FY20 despite crisis
Project Success - The most overlooked cost item in CRM/ERP-selection processes
Project Success - New IT-project? Start defining your business goals first!
Project Success - Your next implementation partner: a traditional vendor or a true sparring partner?

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