Agenda for the workshop ‘Stop delivering products - start delivering project success'

Here’s a suggested workshop agenda for a change session with your complete team. Of course we can adjust the agenda to your specific wishes.

Opening, business goals, introduction and logistics

Part I - What is project success and what’s different with delivering products?

  • What is project success? Why is it important for the customer and for a partner?
  • What is the difference between delivering products and delivering project success?
  • Why is Microsoft moving from a product approach to a platform strategy? 

Part II – What are the project challenges in cloud-first world?

  • What are today’s biggest challenges and how can we overcome these?
  • How does the ‘modern buying behavior’ influence these challenges?
  • How is your company doing compared to other partners (in and outside of your country)?

Part III – What is a structured way that leads to project success?

  • It’s not about the product! Project success always starts with your customers’ business
  • What does the move from mega customisations to (more) standard functionality mean for your implementation methodology and your company attitude?
  • How can you use Organisational Change Management to deliver project success?

Part IV - How to inspire and lead your customer to achieve project success together?

  • The huge importance of educating the management
  • The skill set you need to support the customers’ management breaking established patterns
  • We switch from selling licenses to a consumption model. How to keep your customers happy and to prevent churn?

Wrap-up, conclusions, call to actions

What do other D365 partners say about this training

“Guus Krabbenborg delivered a very instructive and practical workshop at our office in Kriens! Guus showed us in a very interesting and practice-oriented way the important aspects for the delivery of a Successful Project. Many of these topics were well known, but over the years they have been forgotten and were now re-awakened and re-examined.

Directly after the workshop, our project managers were able to transfer various topics directly to customers and projects. The workshop was valuable for both new and experienced project managers.”

Ambros Häfliger | Managing director of Logico Solutions AG | Switzerland

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