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The biggest changes in your company history

The changes you’re experiencing right now around cloud, digitisation, new buying behavior and business transformation are probably the biggest changes in the history of your company. Of course, you have seen many changes over the years. Like moving to a new office, serving your first customers abroad, building a reseller network, adding new workloads and maybe even an acquisition or a merger. But all of them are child’s play compared with the changes that you’re in right now.

Successfully transforming your company and your business DNA will secure a sound and healthy future. So this really is a mission critical project! Make sure you don't get left behind!

It's not just the technology!

The change you are going through isn’t a new piece of technology. That feels a bit strange, as traditionally Microsoft business solution partners always dive into the technology first. With an intense focus on functions and features and the skill sets needed to master the new technologies.

But this time, oddly enough, technology is not the key to success. A successful business transformation into a cloud-first world depends on the right strategy, the right mindset and in the end even the right DNA.

After all, cloud is so much more than just a deployment option!

Today’s customers have the power

This is where we see the biggest change! Today’s customers have the power due to the transparency that the internet created. The cloud’s subscription model gives customers the freedom to switch vendor or partner when they are unhappy. Which will result in churn – the loss of contracts.

Rather than buying a software solution accompanied by a number of your professional services, today’s prospective customers:

  • look for nothing less than project success.
  • want their solutions fast and standardised.
  • expect that your team understands their business inside-out.
  • are risk averse.
  • love simplicity!

The impact of COVID-19

The current crisis will force you and your team to change even more and faster! Organisations all over the world must speed up their digital transformation processes to survive. So they will be less focused on buying technology that they can adapt to their legacy processes. Instead, they will search for a true business partner that helps them change their organisation and legacy processes towards your software.

This means that you must re-evaluate your services portfolio and start offering new services in the domain of organisational change management.

This is how COVID-19 changes
your D365 implementations

Before COVID-19

  • Technology driven
  • Overly-complex
  • Long lasting projects
  • Top-down approach
  • Maintaining legacy processes
  • Change software to organisation
  • Project goals often unknown
  • Poor management involvement
  • Staying in your comfort zone!

After COVID-19

  • Focus on customers
  • Simple
  • Short(er) cycles
  • Bottom-up involvement
  • Modernised business processes
  • Change organisation to software
  • Clear messages around the 'why'
  • One board member fully responsible
  • Out of your comfort zone!

Are you in between
two trapezes?

Like most D365 partners, you’ve probably started this change at the technology side. By understanding the ins and outs of Dynamics 365. The architecture. The functionality. And the development tools. You got your teams trained. And adapted or even rebuilt your IP. So you’re on your way!

But now it’s important not to stop here! Since all your efforts will lose their value if you don’t also change your behavior and your business DNA.

D365 partners must learn to put their customers (more) in the center of everything they do. To deliver true project success and to turn your customers into promotors who want to stay with your company forever.

Transform yourself
before transforming others

Do you think you can help your current and future customers to transform their businesses before you’ve transformed your own business? Really?

The ability to help transform businesses is expected to play an important role in the selection of implementation partners in the post COVID-19 era. So this is not just about your own transformation. But even more about the competitive position of your company in the years to come.

How I can
help you

Changing a company’s mindset and DNA is no simple task. And as we all know, these changes won’t come overnight.

But like with every journey, it all starts with a first step. I can help you there. At your next internal kick-off event. With specific workshops, organized for smaller groups like the management team. For the complete company. As a one-off event. Or as a series of workshops that supports the team during the journey.

You can of course choose between an inhouse and an online delivery. Just pick the format that works best for you!

What do other Microsoft partners say about these services?

Oseberg Solutions AS

“With all the massive changes at Microsoft, in the modern buying behavior and in the market, we needed help to understand what is happening out there. What is the business impact for a traditional NAV/BC partner of all these changes? What does all this mean for the individual employees? What is needed to deliver ‘The Best Projects’ in 2020? I started to look for a person who could help us to understand. Several people recommended me to contact Guus. We had a couple of conversations and I was convinced that he could help us. And he did. He delivered a great workshop on our kick-off and exceeded my high expectations. I will recommend Guus to all partners who are in the same position as we were. He made a difference for us.”

Rune Sørdalen | General manager


“Guus sprinkled salt in every wound possible with his presentation at our internal 2021 kick-off event. But fortunately, with humor, which makes it easier to accept the pain 😉! In many things on how markets and customers are evolving he is absolutely right. And it is great to get his external view.”

Christoph Hammer | Manager Marketing, Sales and Product-management


“Guus Krabbenborg is not only an expert in the ERP arena and knows the Microsoft world very well. He is also able to attract his audience when speaking about the current and future challenges that all partners are facing. He flavors his messages with energy, humor and interaction plus a big portion of deep knowledge. If you are seriously thinking about change, Guus is the right person to kick it off.”

York Braune | CEO

Take your first step now

If you like my approach, I’d suggest setting up a call to discuss your business goals, the content, the logistics and all the other relevant details.

Just send me an email and we are on the way!
Guus Krabbenborg


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